Unable to verificate id

I’m from Chile and the only option to verify myself i get is with my drivers licence. I’ve tried to verify myself a few times but it always fails. I got an android device if thay helps.
Is there any posibility to add other means of verification like my national id card? Any solutions to this problem?

Try the national ID card or connect with @Israel1
He might be able to help because he also had the same issues

National id card is not available as an option for me. Only passport and drivers license and none have worked.

Get in touch with @Israel1 he might be able to help you

Do you have telegram or signal?

I have telegram, my username is @Eapv616

You can also use your driver license in place of ID card
I use ID card in place of driver license
So is either you use drivers license or ID card

I have already tried with drivers licence without succes

Then try with ID card
Use ID card in place of driver

Id card is not an option the app displays. The only options available in the app are drivers licence and passaport, already tried with drivers licence and i dont have a passport. Cant take a screenshot, but here is a picture.

I know it have just 2 option which is just passport and driver license.
But what am saying is that you can also use ID card in that same place of driver license it will work

Ok, ill try that. Thank you.

And the team are working on more verification option I think it will be release in the next release