SwappID and all questions or opinions related to the development

Lets chat about all related to SwappID.

Are we going to have institutional investors

Any update so far for the app

Good day, cannot be website be update or when is going to be done and any progress with App release?

Hey True Patriot,

The update to design and verbiage is absolutely a necessity with the ever progressing Swapp Protocol. The team is in the middle of the redesign now to have the updated copyright completed. We anticipate these updates to be completed in the next few weeks.

Have a lovely day.


How many team and developers do we have now because it seems its only tural that is working if we have another people working tell know them

Things is very slow here
The updated website,lite paper,road map should have been ready by now we going to a year hold now and we don’t even have updated road map

You said next few months that means it might be next year because no date for anything you do only say few month then it turned out to be month

We need progress something we can see

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@jvv what are the plans for promotion
Can we use
And other big Tweeter influencers?

We have many developers working on the Swapp team. The employees are around 30-40 at the moment. They are located globally in roughly 10 countries. We work remote though some of us are close enough to work in person as many of the Core team do and meet in Chicago and at time Miami. Please keep in mind that the majority of the computer engineers are located in areas of the world in duress at the moment and this directly affects the time and the focus of their capabilities.

These documents take time. They must be written with a technical element that requires copywriters with extensive experience with our type of protocols and superior understanding of data management. Tural is quite frankly the most knowledgeable on this out of the many people I have personally discussed Swapp with. He is contributing his time as he can to the copywriters who are producing the updated thesis and then providing it all to the content designers for graphics and infographs.

The team is also producing all the new documentations for the products, how to use, the main questions and answers, the troubleshooting and of course the theory of the protocols, how they work and why one may want to use them.

We don’t have a release date at the moment but we will discuss it at this weeks meetings.

This influencer can be hired to promote Swapp. We have not looked into this type of promotion as they take a LARGE payment for a simple tweet and not much else.

I personally don’t find this to be effective. However we can discuss it if you feel it’s a viable option that you and others would like for us inquire more about.

Am just bringing bringing an observation about the influencers there are some influencers that don’t collect money but only looking for hiden gems for it’s community but it’s just my opinion

What are the marketing plans you people are planing to bring swapp to the right audience ?

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Israel you kinda need to chill out dude. What will happen will happen and there is not much you can do to influence that.

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If Swapp has got so much employees why everything is so slow even coinmarketcap wasn’t updated ever token burn total supply …, road maps etc.

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Many of the employees are not tasked to the updates for the price aggregator sites like CMC. They are developers and coders, or data engineers and AI specialists. Myself and Tural have been working on the copy write update and will have the descriptions on all platforms updated by Monday give or take a day as CMC takes a few days to make the changes once we submit.

We are committed to achieving a fresh updated look and feel across all aspects of Swapp for the release of SwappID.

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I have NEVER met an influencer with an impact in the crypto space that promotes a project for free. Unless they are like me and they promote their own personal investments.

People expect to be paid for their time and their community access. Especially in the very lucrative and highly competitive space that tokens have become.

Feel free to forward the influencers that your mentioning here or ones you would like to see work with swapp and I will personally reach out to them.

I will like to see
Mark Wahlberg
Ben Affleck
Kurt russell
Tyler petry
Jack Nicholson
Jay Z, working with swapp

This people can be an ambassador for swapp and it will really help to reach more users and adoptors in a short time.

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Any update or a timeline for an ama.

But the tokens holded in the old platform how we can put out without pay the high Eth fees?

What did you mean by old platform?