SwappID ALPHA V1 Application discussion

Hello Swapp Community,

Can we try to have the discussions related to the Applications all here in this one Topic stream.

This was we can have the CORE and engineers all contribute to the chat.

Hope your enjoying the first few hours with the application and browser extension, I know I loved it the first time I used it❣️

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I can’t import my old wallet why?

Yes you can I imported my MM wallet

Go to setting on the top right and look for Wallets, then follow the instructions

Have done that bro it’s working fine

Why there’s no support in the app to complain?

I try to connect YouTube with my YouTube but I don’t think it’s connecting

When am creating my account they ask me to choose option what should be done to my data And I choose later but now i now i want to change the option to monitize but no where to change it again did I need to delete the account and creat another one?

At the bottom right you should see a tab called Datapoints
Click on that then you should see chrome and youtube
That’s where you have to connect your data points
Once you have that setup, there should be three dots on the youtube, click on the three dots and it should show you the monitization turn on option

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I have some problems to connect YouTube. I click connect and select my account but nothing happens. Can someone help?

Do I get more data points if I activate personalized advertising or position tracking on YouTube / Google for example?

This is a great question and something I’ll look into to see. My first answer wants to say YES, as it’s allowing for the MOST data to be made available for the buyers of your portfolio. However I am not positive.

I will ask Tural and our data scientist Allen to see if they know this answer. Then I’ll go to YouTube to confirm with their documentation too.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Anyway for our users to choose more and potentially make more is something we would like to provide. So let’s hope it’s possible and generates more income for all of us too.


Happy Monday Night :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Have you verify your account?

Yes mate :+1:t3: I used my ID card instead of a driver license

So I think people should be inform to use ID card as well
This is very good to know ID card work in place of driving license
So the team or admin should include the option

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Or they use same options but the description should say ID/ Licensed veryfication

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Yes you are right mate

How can I remove token from the list after I Added to my portfolio?

I see NFT wallet is coming to Swapp as well this is another best feature. Thanks Swapp protocol!

Is it already possible to earn data points?
I have still problems to connect youtube. I already tried a new account but everytime I click connect and select my google account nothing happens and there is still the connect button. Does anyone else has this problem and can help me?

Am having same problem