Swapp ID verification

Pls it seems Android users can’t verify due to the unable to take selfie
When they want to take selfie it becomes dark and blurry you can’t see it clearly pls look to this

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I was able to verify on my android mobile. Maybe you have to give Swapp ID the permission to use the camera

I gave the permission but the capturing look black like cartoon picture I can’t even see myself clearly
Was your own like also?

Yes that is what I got as well Andriod ubable to take selfie

Hi, guys what are you talking about? SwappID has been launched on the group?

You can download with the referral link
Swapp is invite only now
You can only creat account with invite like
Download sign up and verify then you are set

Hi Israel,
Thank you for your response. I noted that this link is an affiliate link. I really don’t know what is going on. I subscribed for the SwappID, so why should now use another swappian referral link to get access? How did you get your referral link? I will appreciate your response for more understanding.

Thank you!

NDri Kouassi

I received a link from the team on my Gmail then I used the link to download the I got my own referral it will be appropriated if you can use my referral link we both get $5 swapp

How do I get referral link


This is one you can use