Ideas For Mobile App Mass Adoption

I’m Just thinking here, we should implement a Reward system in the form of Tokens to help our App go Viral when we go live. Something like Dropbox did & others to get the word out. If you get 5 of your friends to download our APP we will give you X number of tokens straight away or something like that. I believe this will help to get mass adoption in quick time. Just an idea but what do you think?



Absolutely sounds like an idea the team should consider (if they’re not already implementing this to the strategy)

Yeah @Hyacinth I believe they must be considering it already but not bad if you guys can get it out there to them via email or any thing that will trigger their attention more on the matter.

I am absolutely in support of this suggestion @JoeTarawhiti . It’s a great idea and marketing strategy

Noted, a lot of new announcements coming in the future so stay tuned in

Absolutely just like what RobinHood does till this date with their app.

@JoeTarawhiti . Nice suggestion! Good network & reward system will drive massive traffic to the App. Therefore, much will likely going to be achieved sooner than expected.

We have a card system were yoh pay up and down at the same time friend of mine created it rego business au. I was thinking that and once it gone around u follow the same people again lots of swapp be made

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