I Bridged swapp tokens and they dissapeared

I used the swapp bridge to bridge tokens from Binance Smart Chain to Cronos, but my tokens never appeared and it shows “error” in you bridge history. On my metamask transactions is says “Burn”
I did the bridge correctly, so can someone please tell me where my tokens went? It’s 15 hours now… I can’t seem to find answers anywhere so I am worried. Any information would be extremely helpful

I don’t know why we are not having customer service
We need one
No one is answering those questions we ask
In the section of talking to dev no dev as ever reply to message
We need costumer service

That is really a problem… I did not even look at that before I used them… I am new to Cronos and this was the only bridge I found, so I tested it before I use them to bridge a very large amount of money. Would you advise me to stay or look for a different bridge

Thank you for mentioning that. When we need help, there is nobody to respond to. We have no updated news from the Admin, and no webinar replay to be at the same level of information. Please, do something about it!