Convenience derived application

Well things are actually looking good on the app

Here’s why

  1. Interface simplicity:
    No too much details just clean and easy to navigate UI, dark tone provides always in focus usage
    It’s growing on us

  2. Accessible tech:
    Considering the value proposition for technology, app is not overwhelming with nerdy phrases ,you can get to business right away without needing assistance
    Getting what you need is not a hassle

  3. Comfort zone:
    By now we all understand the difficulties in blockchain procedures
    One has to understand in depth technical concepts like wallet functions, DeFi, Digital ID etc
    Having all basic blockchain concepts in one shop is just amazing to say the least

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@Hyacinth love to see you here again

Great to see SWAPPIAN again
App is finally here

Yes bro missed you
Thanks we are back together we move

We never left
Just took an elephant view on things and the choice was clear even if we’re wrong

I think the should reopen our telegram group now or what did you think

To be honest, for now, let’s just focus on getting tech out
That should be the focus moving forward
Let’s focus on achieving Proof of Concept so we can get the positive financial attention we seek