Broswer EXT QR Code

Is anyone having issues with logging in with QR Code? It’s not working

Sorry guys its working

You mean for PC right ?


But it’s working perfectly so no issues there

The team really did a great job
We need adoption and more features

how do you actually connect to the chrome browser? Where do you find the QR code?

Go to Datapoints tab on bottom right
There you will find chrome and youtube

Yeah I get that… When I click on “Browser” it opens up my camera and asks me to scan a bar code, what bar code do I scan?

Now head over to you desktop and accept Swapp browser extension and pin it
After that open the extension on desktop then scan the code and that’s it

The barcode you’re going to scam is on the browser extension

I’ve been away for sometime now.
Pls how can I download the app from Google store?

Just use this link:

This is an invitation for the app