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But I can’t import my wallet
After importing my key phrase it only keep loading and later tell me invalid key

Hey Israel,

Have you tried to create one before you import a second?

I would recommend a BRAND new wallet for the first one. This way it can be the unique wallet that receives the passive swapp income. This is where you will receive referral money and the money from selling your chosen data.


Then once you have that account open. KYC and set up all then custom features.

Then I would recommend importing a wallet like METAMASK and using their Secure Keys to confirm import.

I think I will host some live workshops this week for the community.

The we can get to know each other better and learn this new tool together easier.



So I nee new wallet
What of people who will like to import thier wallet and don’t want to creat new one

Hello everyone!

Jenni l have a problem, when l try to create a new SWAPP ID it asks me a refferal link, which one should l put? l tried several, but still says wrong link format for everyone.

If you sign up for wait list you should receive an email with the link Incase you don’t have it I will send you the one in my own Gmail I think it will be same thing for everyone

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l registered into that list ten months ago but didn’t receive anything, unfortunately, so dunno ahah

Thank you, but let’s wait for jenny and remove it from here just in case you’re not allowed to

Ok I will remove it thanks

Love swapp already but we still need more development
We can’t verify the app with ID card
Not everyone have driver lancese or passport I think ID card should be allow

@jvv did I need to verify the app before I can stay private?

Here are some screenshots of the process.

  1. Adding my number
  2. Getting the code 4663
  3. Entering code 4663
  4. The error message

Thank @jen
Now am have import my old wallet to swapp as well it’s now easy to track good app

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Yes you need to verify I believe. I did.

I will ask Tural and the engineers to also respond back.

Hey Ray,

I have 1 other person experiencing this same issue. We are looking into it. It’s not anything your doing incorrect. It may be the phones operating system. I’ll get you an answer asap.

Its an android if that helps, thanks for looking into this. I’m not desperate, I have everything else set up and ready to go

When will verification by ID he implemented?

Hey Israel,

There is verification by drivers license and by government approved documents.

We are not the verifying party unfortunately.

They create the requirements and currently this is the restriction for some I hear.
I will try to help as best I can.

What type of ID are you wanting to use for verification?

Maybe I can see if we can get it approved if I provide details regarding why and documentation. Use my government knowledge and contacts.


Congratulations to Swapp protocol for all of the above. And I am sorry I couldn’t attend AMA because of my personal reasons but want to say well done guys

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@jvv Hi Jenni, could l get an answer for my situation? Thank you

@jvv pls can someone else verify my swappID for me will it work for me to be private?

Hey Jen

First of all the app looks super good and easy to use.

But I have the same problem like Israel. I can’t verify cause I haven’t a passport or a driver license actually. I always verify with my ID (national ID card of germany).

It would be great to implement this. I think otherwise there are many people who can’t use the app.

Kind regards!

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