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Hi Guys

Is there a recording of yesterday’s AMA?

I don’t think the function was working when we opened the VC room. I will confirm with Tural and get back to you as soon as possible.

Are we going to have institutional investors buying swapp?

Hi Bruno, unfortunately no we did not record it. please feel free ask any questions you have here.

@Tural my question is not answered
Andcsny update about the apo

Hi Israel,
It’s 9:30pm here on Saturday evening. I’m not sure if Tural is in the office still. He was there late the last few nights and today was there the whole day as I spent many hours discussing and planning the education video productions and documents needed for our gitbook and resources for the investors.

Tural was clear at the AMA regarding updates on the current V1 SwappID App development and when they would be provided. He specifically said that when he has information to share he will do it here first. He truly wants to make sure that everything is 100% right this time.

The stores will approve at different times, as they are all different teams and companies. From my knowledge the last proof of documentation was sent Thursday and we are now awaiting the finalized approvals. Then we will verify and ensure it’s as we needed. We will also have to wait for all 3 platforms and then we will release as we had hoped prior.

We want and need them all up and running for the best availability for all interested users.

Best to be fully inclusive in our eyes.

Hope your having a lovely day!

Happy Sunday


@jvv thanks I understand you
Thanks for your time to explain this to me,I probably miss this part in the last AMA

We appreciate your involvement in the Swapp development. Thank You for always being so helpful.

Good day, cannot be website be update or when is going to be done and any progress with App release.

I want the CEO to see this message this project just launch today and I love this feature can we also have those features on our app
If we have this even more it will be good most especially staking on our app so people can able to stake thier earning from data

Good to see coinmarketcap brings these news on the platform

It’s better you remove it from cmc because if people check it the data is passed mad will look like it’s lie
And update your pin post on Tweeter it’s not good to be there pls remove it

When app
Have they approved it
And when is it going live?

Thanks again to the team for all the hard work. Congrats on the App release!
I just downloaded the app. How do I get a referral link?

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Hey Crewchief,

It should be quite easy. Just scroll down on the main Home Screen to the REFERRAL and EARN area and then the link for your unique code should be present. This is the code that you will share.

I’m setting up the app with my info, so under “settings/emails and phones”, it is not accepting my phone number. I enter my number, I get the verification code, enter the code, but I get an error saying “phone must be define”. What does this mean?

Hey Ray,

Let me see, I haven’t experienced this issue.

Pls @jvv I missed the ama
Pls any recording that we can listen to?

Hey Israel, I noticed you were not there :frowning:
We have a recording and Tural will make it available ASAP. I will ask him just now.